Nednipa Udompuntha

I heard about God while living in America and then professed to believe in Him in 2002. My conversion was more like a change of religion rather than a true understanding and having a personal relationship with God spiritually. My expectations were to be successful in business, prestige, honor and possessions. Although I attended church regularly and tried to follow the teachings of God, my heart was never at peace. I had lived my life depending on my own strength and I was never satisfied with the success I had attained. I focused on my own desires more than anything else, and that caused a lot of disharmony in my marriage. I was bossy with my family and that caused my husband to lose confidence, for fear of displeasing me. I never saw the importance of my husband’s feelings. In all of my sins and mistakes, I viewed my behavior as something that was commonly acceptable. I never desired to change because I thought I was already a good person. 

When I returned to Thailand to care for my mother’s family in Bangkok, I met some Christian friends. In the beginning of 2009, I was invited to join the Thailand Womens Ministry’s Bible study group. Not long after studying the Word of God, I discovered how to truly live a Christian life in a way that is pleasing to the Lord. I began to see my own sins in different areas, especially how I was not respecting the leadership of my husband, having no time for my son, and neglecting my responsibility as a housewife. God has changed my attitude; with His help, I am able to submit to my husband in a gentle way. In the past, I never cooked nor cared for my home, but today I am doing all these things and am greatly delighted to serve my husband. I have also been taking time to teach my son in the way of the Lord. The most important thing of all, is that I truly have the joy and peace of God in my heart. This is the greatest change that has ever happened to me. My life goal has changed completely, and my heart’s desire is to live a life that glorifies God in all areas. 

Aranyaporn Jatupornphan

I have been a Christian for nine years, and I used to think that I was a good Christian. However, after studying the Word of God on “God’s Will for Women” with Chanaddah, I began realizing that I had many shortcomings in my Christian walk that were evident in my role as a wife and mother raising children. When I began to truly understand the Word of God, I prayed and asked God for strength, because I knew that by my own strength, I could never change. As a matter of fact, the things I had practiced in the past had become habits. 

The Lord has been so gracious to me, and with His help, my character has been transformed and that really surprised my husband. In a short period of time, I have seen God move in my family in an amazing way. In the past, my husband never got up early to have a quiet time with God but now he’s the one that wakes me up early in the morning so that we can regularly do that. I am thankful to the Lord for His leading because my husband’s spiritual life has grown so much. 

As a result of having a quiet time with my husband and praying for the children daily, their wild and aggressive behavior has decreased. The relationship within my family is much more solid, and my husband and I have learned to communicate more effectively. I have been able to control my emotions much better in teaching and disciplining the children. I want to encourage all women and mothers that the Word of God is the most vital and necessary part of our lives. Please allow God’s Word to be the lamp to the path you take in this world. 

Manee Srisatit

I was born into a Christian family and at the age of 17, I was trained in Bible school for two years. That was a turning point in my life, when I truly understood how to be born again spiritually. I married a Christian man and have two children. While the children were growing up, my husband was dominated by the influence of the world’s business. That caused him to drift away from God’s ways, and he ignored his responsibilities to our family. Conflicts and lack of understanding were common between us. I tried to push my husband to be strong in the Lord and be a spiritual leader, but I was disappointed when he was not interested in living for the Lord. When our family faced economic hardship, I had to work hard to earn a living and ended up being responsible for most of the expenses in the family. I felt very discouraged and hurt. Although I tried to lean on God and follow His Words, I still felt defeated all the time. I tried in every way to change my husband, but without success. It seemed like he was not interested in changing himself.

In 2005, I was informed about a Women’s Bible study group that met weekly near my house. Full of sincerity and a hunger for the Word, I took the opportunity to join them. I was really excited to participate in an in-depth study of God’s Word. It provided me with a true understanding of how to apply His Word, specifically to my daily walk. God’s Word ignited a spark in my life. Peace, joy and encouragement have replaced the discouragement of my heart. The Word of God made me understand how to depend on God’s power and not to lean on my own strength. I have been thoroughly set free from the root of bitterness. The lesson on “God’s Will for Women” has guided me to fulfill my responsibility as a wife the best I can, according to God’s design. I committed my husband to God in prayer and quit planning to change him entirely. After doing so, God has graciously changed my husband’s life, according to His will. My

husband has turned to God, taking care of his family and diligently studies the Word of God with a sincere heart. I am thankful to the Lord for His faithfulness.

Sivaporn Rugkarn

I have a husband and two children who are in school. Over the past 20 years of my marriage, my husband has always been loving and faithful to our family. I have tried to do my best in my responsibility as a housewife and as a good

mother to the children. My husband and I have held fast to the rituals of Buddhist’s teachings, according to Thai traditions. I always thought I was a good person because I have done my best in all things. However, our lives have been without real peace. We often had arguments because of problems with our children, economic situation, and debts which flooded in from all directions. I thought if I were to work harder and earn more income, it might help in solving our problems. Then, when the work and the income increased, the problems increased as well. I realized that I could not solve life’s problems and I became miserable.

One day, I heard the preaching of the Good News of Jesus Christ through Chanaddah, a leader of Thailand Women’s Ministries. I was invited to join a group of Christian women in order to learn more about the God of peace, and details which suited my interests. Shortly, after learning about God, I opened my heart to receive Christ as my personal Savior. Consequently, I sensed God’s amazing love flowing into my heart, which I had never experienced before; it’s a love without conditions. I received His forgiveness, real peace, new hope and a new life in Christ.

After that, my life began to change. Before, I was an impatient person, easily angered and I liked to complain. Today, I have calmed down a lot and know how to forgive others. I have also learned to be grateful in all things instead of complaining. I am becoming a wife that honors my husband with a gentle and humble spirit and I willingly submit to his lead in making decisions. I am grateful to the Lord for His mercy in granting me forgiveness and for changing my life.

Thanunya Choketeeraswat

While I was a university student, I had a close friend who eventually became my boyfriend. I became a Christian in 1989, just a few years before he did. We married four years after our graduation. My husband is a godly man with a clear goal, which is to serve the Lord through his profession. He is very dedicated and sacrifices all in order to shepherd new believers to grow up in the Lord and be His followers. He had high expectations of me as his wife to be supportive of him in all areas. Since we began our relationship as close friends, I became disrespectful of his leadership and position as head of the family. When I disagreed with his decisions, I would argue with him immediately. I did not understand my husband’s vision in serving God and therefore was not able to give him my full support. As a result, my husband became weary of my argumentative spirit, stubbornness and lack of understanding which also had an effect on his ministry. 

In 1998, God led me to study His Word in a women’s ministry discipleship group on the topic of “God’s Will for Women.” From the first lesson, God began to reveal His purpose in bringing me to marry my husband. This study became a major channel of blessing to my family. Gradually my attitude and behavior began to change when I applied the principles learned to my daily walk. I began to do my part in joining my husband, with the clear goal of becoming his helpmate in all areas of life. I began to care for his physical and mental health and gave him full support and encouragement as he prepared his messages and led a weekly care group at our home. I determined to not allow myself or my son to become obstacles in his responsibilities. 

I have been concentrating on fulfilling my responsibilities as a wife and helpmate in order to honor God and be an encouragement to my husband. When we have disagreements, I am learning to hold my tongue and control myself to not argue. I am making it a practice to lean on the power of the Holy Spirit to give me a gentle and quiet spirit in response. I have also learned how to raise my son to grow up in the way of the Lord and live a life to honor Him. I make time to pray and read Scripture to my son on a daily basis. Our family has been doing daily devotions together regularly. I am so thankful to the Lord for changing my life. My husband often compliments me by saying I have the qualities of a woman of Proverbs 31:10-31 and he has greatly benefited from having me as his wife. He would like me to share the lesson on “God’s Will for Women” to other women so they too can be blessed in the same way.